Coinciding with 'No Mow May' - a brilliant campaign to encourage people not to mow their lawns to help wildflowers and pollinating insects -  this year Blooming Heck is absolutely buzzing to support and promote World Bee Day on Friday 20th May.

A wonderful occasion dedicated to celebrating all species of bees and the important role they play for the health of our planet, we must remember they are a major part of our natural ecosystems.

Without them, the world would struggle and we wouldn't have so many delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts or crops.

Not only helping to pollinate a variety of plants, bee colonies all have their part to play. Working hard together to make honey, worker bees thrive to keep the hives clean while the Queens works her magic to lay eggs.

Did you know?

If bees disappeared from Earth, the human race would have 4 years left to live. The bee has officially been declared the most important animal on Earth by the Earthwatch Institute in 2017.

So we hope you'll join us in celebrating our hard working little pollinators.

This year I'm joining forces with BloomLocal - a dedicated network of local florists promoting flowers, bouquets and floral arrangements for same day delivery in the UK.

BloomLocal has written a fantastic piece on how we can praise our pollinatorsHead over to read some mind-blowing facts. 

To bee or not to bee?

That is the most important question of all. 

Find out more: 🐝

Some amazing facts about bees

  1. Honey has powerful antiseptic properties and historically was used as a dressing for wounds, burns and cuts.

  2. The natural sugars in honey are quickly digested by the body which is why people in sports usually consume honey for natural boost.  

  3. Bees gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey.