About us

Blooming Heck UK is an eco-conscious and sustainable paper company
Blooming Heck believes that nature is the best gift you can give and should be done in a sustainable way. Committed to helping pollinators and nature thrive by reducing card waste, it is hoped that with your help, all together we can help make this world a little more beautiful.
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Nestled in the heart of Bournville, Birmingham - my story of Blooming Heck UK began with a simple desire to send a meaningful message during the 2020 pandemic. Frustrated with the impersonal nature of many traditional greeting cards online (alongside a lot of packaging and plastic!) I sought a more sustainable and innovative approach. I realised paper could be transformed into a living gift which became the spark that led to the birth of Blooming Heck UK. It's a concept that aims to bring joy, beauty, and sustainability together in perfect harmony.
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What is Blooming Heck?
Greeting cards with a difference.
Blooming Heck uses recycled envelopes and compostable vegetable starch cellophane bags to protect the products in transit. The idea of 'clean' gift giving message helps drive this brand forward, and although I'm still working on processes to make it even more eco-friendly, I love seeing people's faces light up when given one of the cards.
Bespoke cards designed with nature in mind. The Seed Paper is personally sourced and is 100% handmade with recycled paper and embedded with botanical seeds. The paper can be planted and you can watch your message turn into beautiful flowers.