Written by: Amy Marshment 

According to Mind, activities such as growing your own flowers can improve your mood, and physical health, plus even reduce loneliness. The act of nurturing your own environment, successfully tending to your plant babies and immersing yourself in all the smells, colours, and plant properties will do wonders for your mind. Inject a little greenery into your home to boost your mood, increase air quality, and lift your environment by bringing the outdoors inside. Because who doesn’t love being around nature?

Let’s dive into the benefits of plants on your well-being and how Blooming Heck can help inspire you to give a joyful gift or test your own green fingers!

Smell that? That’s the smell of focus

Did you know that there are a whole bunch of plants out there that are said to boost your memory and concentration? If you’re working from home, studying hard for exams, or simply want to try and reduce distractions, then owning a selection of houseplants could help to aid your focus. As seen in Forbes, recent studies show that plants can improve your memory span by up to 20%! As well as this, further studies supported the notion that plants improved people’s mood and decreased their chances of feeling under the weather! So, whether it’s growing your own rosemary and thyme  (which also smell spectacular) or having low-maintenance plants on your desk, get creating a shopping list ready to tackle the working week.

Plants can help soothe deeper emotions

When you think of self-care, you might initially think of face masks, hitting the gym, eating a balanced diet, or ditching social media for a short while… What if we told you that owning houseplants is self-care? After all, they aren’t just for making your home look cute and Instagrammable! They’ve even been shown to help manage anxiety. Healing plants such as aloe vera and lavender show astounding benefits including helping to reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The power of plants knows no bounds. Author and psychologist Sue Stuart-Smith has also discussed how plants supported her through a tragic bereavement and that spending time in nature has positively supported her in a variety of ways.

Cleanse your environment and feel fresh 

Various studies, including one conducted by Nasa ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration), suggest that houseplants can cleanse and purify the air, leaving you in a clean setting. Purifying the air helps to reduce respiratory infections, minimises unwanted smells, and helps to keep us healthy. The study saw plants as highly adaptable and possess intelligent detectors that suss out pollutants, and then respond by humidifying the air! If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to buying air purifying plants then look no further. Homes and Gardens has a whole list of air cleaning plants from the spider plant to English ivy!

Whenever you’re testing our new house plants for your space, always make sure to research whether that particular variety is suitable for the temperature, and light, but most importantly, that it’s non-toxic for pets if you own any furry friends!

Look after your mind with a plantable card or give a unique well-being message

Lastly, if you’re looking for a mood booster or want to brighten up someone else’s day… Head to our card collections page to choose a meaningful design for a loved one. As always, our designs give back to mother nature and we encourage you to grow it not throw it! Our cards are embedded with a variety of seeds so that you can enjoy a rainbow of seedlings to be grown in an indoor or outdoor space. Our cards contain powerful plants mentioned in the article, such as the classic lavender to help you relax and find peace.