Blooming Heck is both an eco-friendly and zero-waste concept that bloomed out of the darkness that is Covid-19. The majority of my time throughout 2020 was spent in the garden with my new born baby and boyfriend. We were extremely grateful to have a beautiful space that we could just step into when the world seemed to be falling apart around us. 
It was a hard time (for everyone!) and especially since becoming a new parent, just two months prior to lockdown, that lifeline of having support from family and friends was quickly ripped away from us. 
One day I wanted to send my parents some flowers and a card to let them know I really loved and missed them. Normal 'greeting' cards that you find online just weren't cutting it and seemed, in some respect, lifeless. 
From here, I created the idea of Blooming Heck - a simple sustainable concept of planting a message and watching it bloom throughout both good and bad times. The idea has really taken off and I'm so very grateful to all of the customers who have taken the time to leave feedback, and praise what is still a relatively new and unique idea.
As the business continues to flourish, I'm hoping people continue to like and admire my small business that has brought a new meaning to sending a simple card to loved ones.
Blooming Heck uses recycled envelopes and compostable vegetable starch cellophane bags to protect the products in transit. The idea of 'clean' gift giving message helps drive this brand forward, and although I'm still working on processes to make it even more eco-friendly, I love seeing people's faces light up when given one of the cards. 
The Seed Paper is personally sourced and is 100% handmade with recycled paper and embedded with botanical seeds. The paper can be planted and you can watch your message turn into beautiful flowers.
To order cards as wholesale or for more information, please contact Blooming Heck UK at: HELLO@BLOOMINGHECK.CO.UK