Huge thanks to writer Amy Marshment for her excellent words in this article! 

Greeting cards are sentimental, thoughtful, and not forgetting personal. At Blooming Heck, we understand that when you want to send a message filled with love, you want it to last. That’s why our cards come with a sprinkling of magic to ensure that your message blossoms into something spectacular once that special occasion comes to a close. So, without further ado, let’s dive into how we’re doing gifting differently.

We’re here to help, not harm our beautiful Earth

Let’s just say our zero waste plantable cards won’t be seeing the rubbish bin unlike over 30,000 tonnes of traditional Christmas cards that are tossed into landfill each year in the UK. Plus, that’s just one occasion in a whole year where we see this unimaginable waste. Not only is it unsightly and extremely harmful to the environment; landfills alone emit about 46% of the UK’s total releases of methane. As a greeting cards company, we understand that we need to be aware of our impact to ensure that we’re creating and delivering a product that’s responsible and not damaging to the environment. That’s why we lead with a zero waste approach and every part of our cards can be reused or recycled.

Cheerful, customisable & sustainable

Each Blooming Heck card is printed to order, meaning that every design has its own unique mark. No two cards are the same! So you can truly gift a one-of-a-kind product to that extra special someone. Our cards can be customised so that you get the message just right for that momentous occasion, so don’t forget to add your text before you check out.

However, it doesn’t stop there! All of our cards are made from paper that’s embedded with an array of wildflower seeds. That way you can give the gift of a surprise fruitful garden, ensuring your cards leave a lasting memory. You could say that we’re very “buzzy” when it comes to keeping nature, bees, and pollinators happy. Enjoy a burst of colour and personality at home or in the garden depending on the season with your new, pretty blooms.

As much as our cards combine a dash of fun and an experience that can boost your mood (planting isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for the soul.) That’s not all! All our products are made from 100% handmade, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials. There’s no long, dreary production process that uses a ton of energy either. Our recyclable materials are dried naturally by sunlight. We like to get hands-on in the process and we hand-select our 100% recycled paper meaning we are satisfied with the standard. 

Not only are our cards carefully and responsibly made, but they’re also then sealed with love in recycled envelopes and safely delivered to the recipient in compostable veggie starch cellophane bags to protect your gift during transit. 

Picture this, no more “What do I buy for them?”

Each individual card is printed to order meaning that every design has its own unique mark, truly being a one-of-a-kind gift. Insert a message to tell your own story and personalise the experience for your beloved recipient. 

On top of this, you can tweak the design upon request when purchasing in bulk. We find this a great choice for a bunch of scenarios!

Corporate just got colourful

Get your zen on and test those green fingers as this could be the destined solution to the card and gift debacle for the workplace. This way, the office bins won’t be overflowing with endless plastic but instead, you could create a natural haven to find peace in between meetings! What a lasting memory!

Tying the knot? Match your wildflower bouquet to our greeting cards. Your guests will love the surprise and memento of having their own slice of your day! 

Schools closing for the summer? Ditch the chocolates and bottles of wine for something sustainable and jolly! You could grab a bunch of different collections to suit each teacher’s subject. Hopefully, when the next birthday, anniversary, or event comes up, you’ll have a burst of inspiration from us as to what to gift next.

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